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Sport and Recreation

Il Fungo PorcinoThe Casentino mushrooms
Casentino is a valley consists mainly of wooded land, which Oak, Chestnut, and also abbot and Beech. These types of forests, coupled with the typical local climate, form a perfect habitat for many species of mushrooms such as the delicious porcine Tartufo Casentinese(Boletus in mycology) and truffles. The porcine harvest period extends from May to the entire range of autumn, and finds its peak in the months of June, July and September, October. The truffle are present in various qualities: the most valuable, only present in some areas of Casentino but very common in the neighboring Tiberina valley, is the "white truffle". It Emits a strong perfume, very pleasant and can be eaten fresh because it is not suitable for cooking. The "Black Truffle" instead is a species that is frequently found in our area, and is well suited for cooking. Its perfume is delicate and pleasant. Another quality that is the very famous is the "Truffle Marzuolo" whose Dimension are certainly smaller than the other grades, but whose taste is certainly very significant and commendable.

Inflows Chestnut
Castagne MarroniThe October month in the Casentino valley is the ideal time to collect various species of chestnuts, among which we can remember the prague "Brown" and the smaller "Pistolese". Both types of chestnuts are found in abundant quantities in various chestnut trees that surround the valley, with particular reference to areas of Camaldoli and Ortignano Raggiolo. In October you can also see various events where you can buy chestnuts and derived products such as the "Chestnut flour" which finds its use in many local recipes.

Ippica in CasentinoThe Casentino Sport
The Casentino valley offers various oppotunity for who love sports. In addition to excursions you can also play soccer, tennis, golf, fishing, Mountain Bike and a lot of other sports. Sports in Casentino means to exercise his physical healing in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pesca alla Casentinese Horse Riding
Near to our agritourism you can fine some horse riding, in witch you can find expert instructors and guides for riding in areas within and adjacent to National Park of Casentino Forests.

Hunting & Fisching
The Hunting activity is very important in our place. There are a lot of huntable species: The boar, the hare, the pheasant, and a large variety of birds. The Casentino valley is very rich of small river in witch live beautiful specimens of Fario trout, barbel, eel of river, leaves and chub. There are various sports clubs and associations through which in the years it remains constant and it increases the fish quantity of rivers and streams. In the valley there are also fishing lakes and part of river with special regulation with continuous restocking of fish.

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