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Ars, History and Religious Place

Castello di PoppiThe Casentino valley
The Holiday Home Residence Gloria is located in the heart of the Casentino valley, whose historical origins have been handed down for centuries through various literary and artistic works. How can we forget that famous passage in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri who made his own tribute to the Casentino valley, "Li ruscelletti che de' verdi colli del Casentin discendon giuso in Arno, faccendo i lor canali freddi e molli" (Dante Alighieri, Inferno XXX, 64-66). Or the many works of Della Robbia that are in a lot of churches and monasteries of the valley. Also we can remenber the castles, which towers majestically over the plain, in which flows the River Arno, beautiful places that were the scene of bloody battles as the famous Battle of Campaldino, in which also Dante Alighieri was involved.

Sacred hermitage of Camaldoli
Sacro eremo di CamaldoliThe Hermitage of Camaldoli was founded by St. Romuald in the early eleventh century, and is the home of the Benedictine Congregation of Camaldolese. It Is situated in the town of Camaldoli, among dense forests of fir and beech of the National Park of Casentino Forests. The hermitage consists in the cells of hermits and in a Church of eighteenth-century makeover that gives access to some areas, including the chapter with the beautiful wooden ceiling and the Chapel of the Rosary Virgin.

The Poppi Castle
The Poppi Castle, also called "The Conti Guidi Castle", it's the most important monument in the Casentino Valley. On the contrary of the other near castle it was never destroy from the centuries and also from the people. The Castle of Poppi History is linked from the family of the conti Guidi, the most important feudal family in all the Casentino valley, that lived in this castle for about 400 years!

Santuario della VernaThe Verna Sanctuary
Verna is vidited every year from thousand tourists. It's a place of worship and prayer in witch lived St. Francesco from Assisi. Here you can see the famous "sasso spicco", the bed of St. Francesco, his cell and a lot of meta fissa di migliaia di pellegrini che tutti gli anni si recano al santuario, luogo di culto e preghiera in cui visse San Francesco d'Assisi. Qui si possono ammirare il "Sasso spicco", il letto del Santo, la sua cella e numerose terracottas by Andrea and Luca della Robbia. Also the poet Dante Alighieri in the "Paradiso" talk about of the "crudo sasso" Referring at the famous rock.

Santa Maria del SassoSanta Maria del Sasso
The architectural complex of Santa Maria del Sasso includes the Sanctuary, the Monastery and the Convent. It is a structure of great historical, artistic and religious value, dating back to Renaissance, national monument from the 1899 year. The Sanctuary take its name from a big stone on which in the year 1347 occurred the apparition of the Virgin. The current monastery was consecrated since 1507, and it is rich in works of art by famous authors, and it's guarded by priests and nuns of the Dominican Order.

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